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This change log displays the detailed version by version changes and improvements for [Last Time I...]

Version 3.0.0

Released: 6-6-13
+ iOS 6 Compatibility
-- The app now fully utilizes the added screen real estate that the iPhone 5 provides.
+ Search Bar with full search capability for all Tasks
+ Task-History View for each Task
+ Task QuickComplete
-- Gives the ability to mark a Task as Done while having the "Last Time" and "Next Time" dates updated automatically.
-- Saves a detailed history entry for the Task.
+ Added more Frequency options
-- 3x a Year
-- 4x a Year
+ Task Sorting
-- Various options are given to customize the order of how Tasks are displayed.
+ UI Tweaks, Bug Fixes, & Minor Improvements
- Eliminated addition touches needed to edit an existing Task.
- Customized the TabBar and the the TabBar images.

Version 2.0.0

Released: 9-26-12
+ Local Notifications & Alarms
-- A notification can now be set for each task with a configurable date/time.
-- Alarms and notifications are integrated directly into the iOS Notification center.
+ App Info Page
Page contains
- Link to the [Last Time I... HomePage]
- Link to the Change Log (this page)
- Social media links to [Facebook] & [Twitter]
- A suggestion/bug reporting area
- Link to the [AppStore] for submitting a review about the app.
+ UI Tweaks, Bug Fixes, & Minor Improvements
- Eliminated the popback to the previous view when finished editing a task.
- Added [Edit Category Name] tip to the main Categories view.
- Updated all time and date calculations so as to provide accurate and consistent results throughout the app.
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